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Why Choose Us?

JOBMATCH makes the Ghanaian digital jobs economy feasible – because it is tailored to the local environment and is supported by tried and tested Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) systems and processes. We have a history and track-record of proven technology, innovation and indigenous execution experience, in online-outsourcing and the management of human resources to implement digital tasks and assignments in the BPO industry.

  • Ready to earn income on this online-outsourcing platform with your Sales and Marketing Skills & potential Job Giver/Job Manager/Job Seeker network? Become a JOBMatch-Job Agent
  • Ready to earn income on this online-outsourcing platform with your Job Category Skill-Sets? Become a JOBMatch-Job Seeker
  • Ready to get live leads and job opportunities while earning income on this online-outsourcing platform with your Specialized and Advanced Skill-Sets? Become a JOBMatch-Job Manager

Who We Are?

We are simply your first choice indigenous virtual outsourcing and digital marketplace in Ghana and West Africa. JOBMatch is indigenously empowered and designed to scale through the nascent, yet evolving market space in Africa. We have taken time to understand our local talent availability, quality, cost, enabling environment and infrastructure needs within the market -- to come up with a pioneering virtual outsourcing and digital jobs marketplace that actually works and, managed by an internationally recognized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) agency; IBG-BPO. More importantly we understand the kind of needs and issues you have with; interests, projects, business initiatives, engagements and related in Ghana. We simply want you to post them.

Our mission

To empower a thriving indigenous virtual outsourcing and digital jobs marketplace that offers professional service delivery and performance to the local community and territory served.

Our vision

To be Africa's preferred choice for indigenous virtual outsourcing and digital jobs -- one that empowers locally aligned socio-economic benefits within the areas served.

What We Do?

On the JOBMATCH marketplace platform, we serve Job Givers, Job Managers, Job Seekers and Job Agents. With a trusted and validated network of market-fit skill-sets and localized job implementation competencies; for Job Seekers & Managers respectively -- we take on Job Posts across the job categories being offered (Digital Jobs, Business & Admin Support, Technology and Diaspora Jobs), while working with a network of Job Agents to support the marketplace. We do this, at the most competitive rates and appraised values; while ensuring service delivery, due diligence and execution performance, via the contractor BPO Firm; IBG-BPO. This innovative approach is tailored to serve:

  • JOBMatch JOB Givers – Who are Localized or Diaspora; individuals, businesses or organizations, with an interest/need/task/agenda/project/business – in the area served < …now Ghana>.
  • JOBMatch JOB Managers – Who are Seasoned Professionals and Specialized Business & Technical Experts, tried and tested SME businesses; all seeking lead generation and job opportunities to execute.
  • JOBMatch JOB Agents – Who are Talented Networkers and JOBMatch Sales & Marketing agents, capable of generating job posts from their network of JOBMatch JOB Givers while scouting for competent JOB Managers and JOB Seekers.
  • JOBMatch JOB Seekers – Who have Validated, Tried and Tested skill-sets across the job categories being offered to support the delivery and execution of Job Posts.

Need Event Representation at an Oil & Gas Event in Ghana, Need a Website & Content, Need a Business Plan, Need a Job Appraisal done, Need a Price-Check report completed, Need Product Testing, Need Sales and Marketing Agents on the ground, Need Proposal Printed and Delivered... POST A JOB TODAY!


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